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above: night rendering of a current project in design phase.

New England and Beyond...

We are a New Hampshire based architect-builder firm that provides clients with unique design services coupled with experienced and professional project and construction management.

Any Budget ...

We work comfortably on all sizes of projects. If you are planning a $200-300k addition/renovation or a multi-million dollar getaway dream home, we can help. It is not the size of its potential budget that guides us in a design, but rather its potential to challenge us and to allow us the pleasure of working together with unique and interesting clients to produce truly original and powerful spaces for living - no matter what the size.

Noldesign News

Currently On The Boards:

• On Mariaville Lake, near Schenectady, N.Y.

• On Lake George, in Bolton Landing, N.Y.

• On the Ocean, in Rye Beach, N.H.

• On Long Lake, in Long Lake N.Y.


FLASH Website:

We have recently put together a Flash Website. It showcases multimedia video clips about us and how we work. If you already have the plug-in installed to be able to view a flash website, or if you do not mind taking a minute to download them, please visit our flash website: http://www.shelterfromthenorm.com

Design and Build Your Original, Innovative Home with Noldesign

Noldesign LLC. is an architectural design-build firm based in Hampton, New Hampshire. We optimize the design-build process to design and build homes that far surpass the norm. At Noldesign we begin the design-build process with a blank sheet of paper, and end the process when we give you the key to your extraordinary new home.

The design-build process allows us to oversee not only the full architectural design of your new home, but also all aspects of the construction of the project. Having Noldesign in complete control of your building project will result in an easier, smoother, and more cost-effective design and build.

No matter what type of project you are planning, if you are serious about obtaining the best in quality and innovation, Noldesign is the architectural design-build firm for you. Our design-build team will work with you every step of the way, keeping you informed and up-to-date with every detail of your project.

Allow Noldesign to work with you, and the result will be nothing short of extraordinary. We've worked on many unique design-build projects in New Hampshire, Maine, and throughout New England. Take a look at our portfolio right here.

We Design Innovative Homes in a Marriage of Concept and Function.

Our design-build firm enjoys creating home designs that are unique, beautiful and inspiring -all without being jarring to the senses and surroundings. We design and build homes that incorporate the outside, with natural materials such as trees, stone, and boulders, adding not only beauty but also structural integrity. Our design-build architects have a vision that brings the outdoors inside seamlessly. During our design-build process, we create a way for natural materials to fuse together in your home in a palette of natural colors and textures.

Each home is different; all of our design-build projects are designed to be innovative as well as unique. A design-and-build home from Noldesign is not just a common home that looks like it was dropped in the middle of prime acreage. Our design-build homes appear as though they are rising from the ground they were built upon.

For more information on how our design-build company creates admirable architecture that blends into its surroundings, contact us for more information.